Not Derailed

I love my Weight Watcher meetings. I love my leader Bonnie. She inspires me. She helps me be accountable for my actions. Her meetings are always informative. Especially the meeting before Thanksgiving. She shared with us all the ways we could stay on our Weight Watcher program and not derail all of our hard work.

But during the meeting, my mind started to wander. I was thinking about how I was going to prepare my turkey and stuffing. I love stuffing. But this year I would make it without butter. That would be more Weight Watcher friendly. I was going to fix that delicious green bean casserole with those crunchy french fried onions. I did not have to eat them – did I? Gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, brussell sprouts. I figured I could save some points and make the cranberry sauce with Stevia and not sugar. I would bake 2 kinds of pies – pumpkin pie with real whipped cream and fresh home made apple pie, complete with ice cream.

The pre dinner snacks would be provided by my kids. And I figured we would forgo the rolls. Rolls would be too many carbs with the stuffing and potatoes. I was really going to enjoy my Thanksgiving dinner.

Back to the meeting. I left so pumped and believing that Thanksgiving would be a Weight Watcher day. But it did not totally turn out that way.

After all Thanksgiving is only one day. How can one meal derail your whole Weight Watcher program? I did gain 1.4 pounds this week but I did do some things right. And my weight gain was not totally because of one day or one meal. I had out of town guests and ate some things I normally don’t eat and I did consumed a lot of wine.

Even though I gained this week, I made a lot of healthy choices at my Thanksgiving meal. I made 4 pies (2 pumpkin and 2 apple). I had one slice of the apple pie and sent the uneaten pies home with the kids. I will admit I was very sad to see the pies leave my house. But I new it was the best thing to do. I had a lot of stuffing left over that went right down the garbage disposal. I threw out the leftover gravy. And I made a turkey vegetable soup with the leftover turkey. I will admit, I enjoyed the green bean casserole. I did have a small serving. I will not see that dish again until next Thanksgiving. I figured Thanksgiving is only one meal. It should be enjoyed – for that one meal.

I had a huge week of exercise. I ran 6 miles on two days, 4 miles on one day and 3 miles on one day. I walked 3 miles the other day and took one day of rest.

So my Weight Watcher plan was not derailed. I made choices this week. Most of them were good choices. And yes, tomorrow is another day.

Weekly Roundup

Discouraged, discouraged, discouraged.  That is all I have to say about this weeks weigh in.  The 1.4 pounds I lost last week, found me this week.  And the worst part is I can’t quite figure out why.  If I had eaten McDonalds (my usual in my fat days was a Quarter Pounder With Cheese and extra large french fries) I would understand why I gained.  If I ate a bowlful of spaghetti with meat sauce, laden with olive oil and several pieces of Italian Bread I would understand.  If I ate a large Ted Drews concrete (abaca mocha-my favorite) I would understand.  If I ate a Deluxe Pizza from Imo’s I would understand.  If I ate my favorite fat meal from Kentucky Fried Chicken – fried chicken, mashed potatoes, cole slaw and a biscuit with butter and jelly I would understand.  And my fat food list can continue.  But I had none of those.  Actually, I have not eaten any of these mouth watering meals in well over a year.  So why the weight gain?

I even worked my butt off literally.  I logged in 1 day of walking 3 miles, 2 days running 4 miles, and 2 days running 3 miles.   That is a lot of activity in my eyes.  Running is a hard activity for me.  It makes me sweat.  I love sweating.  I am in training for my big 6 mile Webster/Kirkwood Turkey Day run tomorrow.  I was not a slacker this week.  So why the weight gain?

Weight Watchers allows you to eat 26 points a day.  My daily points  include lean protein, nuts, fruits, vegetables, greek yogurt, and some times a healthy 3 point Weight Watcher protein bar.   I always include my olive oil as my fat.  I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables which have a point value 0.   My daughter says I eat way too much fruit.  I eat three fruits a day.  On some days I may have a fourth fruit.  But fruits have a 0 point value.  Weight Watchers allows you to eat an additional 49 points if needed.  You can also eat into your exercise points (which I never do).  Last week I earned 29 exercise points.  I ate my daily 26 points and on two days I ate an additional 6 points.  (Actually I drank wine for those extra points).  Weight Watchers claims that you can eat anything.  You can drink anything.  Just as long as you stay within your allotted points.    So according to Weight Watchers plan, I should have lost weight this week.  But I didn’t. I gained.

Now a 1.5 weight gain is not the end of the world.  But my world is much better when I lose weight.  Or at least know why I gained weight.  Yes I am a bit discouraged.  But I will continue on my journey.  I have to understand that the body just sometimes wants to take a break.  And I think this week my body said “Lisa slow down.  No weight loss for you!”

And yes my darling daughter, Maria, I will cut back on my fruit consumption.

My Decision to Lose Weight

So as I posted yesterday, I was at my heaviest at 224 lbs.  That was several years ago.  I remember not caring what I ate.  And eat I did.  Then I would feel guilty for all that I was eating and would decide to diet.  I would always start my diet on Monday and by Wednesday, I would forget that I was suppose to be dieting.  But there was always another Monday, when I would attempt to diet again.  And this cycle went on for years.

I joined and rejoined Weight Watchers too many times to count.  I never lasted very long on the program.   And then I tried the South Beach Diet and lost several pounds.  I got down to 211.  South Beach was fairly easy as long as I never ate any bread, potatoes or pasta.

Then my rock hard, fitter than fit daughter, Maria, convinced me to start working out.  I was a couch potato and loved it.  Even though the word EXERCISE has 8 letters, it was definitely a 4 letter word to me.  Walking?  Didn’t Tim Russert die after walking on a treadmill?  That would really make me mad if I died after a work out.  But I knew my daughter was right.  I had to start getting my body in motion.

I found a trainer and worked my butt off 2-3 times a week.  I was tired after my workouts but I felt alive.   John and I also joined Gold’s Gym and I either swam every day or walked/run on the tread mill.  I continued on  a low carb diet and got down to 188.  I maintained that weight for two years.

Slowly but surely the weight started to creep back on.  I quit the trainer and we quit Gold’s Gym and the couch once again became my best friend.  My “thin” clothes were getting so tight that I had to I break out my “fat” clothes.   And I had plenty of “fat” clothes.  Thank God I kept them for a rainy fat day.  And boy did it rain.

Then that deciding moment in my life hit.  My grandson, who was a freshman last year at Eureka High School and the starting quarterback on the freshman football team, called me.  He said “Grandma, it is a custom for the football players to ask someone special to wear their jersey to the first game.  I would like you to wear mine.”  Oh my gosh!  I was so honored.  He brought me the jersey and when he left, I tried it on.  I could not get it on.  I sure tried.  I stretched it and prayed it would fit but there was no way his jersey in any way shape or form was going to fit me.  I sheepishly called him and said “Cameron, I am so honored that you asked me to wear your jersey, but I can’t get it on.”  He was so nice and understanding.  And I was ashamed.

I decided my time had come.  It was time in my life that I needed to do something about my weight.  So 1 year ago, on September 4th, 2012, I joined Weight Watchers for the last time in my life.  According to Weight Watcher’s scale I weighed 201.  On my scale (which I like a whole lot better) I weighed 199.

And this is where my journey begins.

To be continued….