Vacation Weight Gain

Now I ask you.  How in heck did I successfully gain 6 pounds on vacation????  6 pounds!!!  That is a lot of weight to gain in one week  – or is it?  In my weight loss journey I have never even lost 6 pounds in one week.  I never even lost 6 pounds in one month.  So why did my body allow me to gain 6 pounds in one week?????

It is my fat cells.  They love me.  They are my best friend.  They want me to stay fat.  They have no other friends – except me.  I guess, I felt sorry for them because I thought I had broken up my relationship with them.  But I knew they were lonely.  They were crying out to me to come back to them and be their friend.  They wanted to party.  I am always up for a party and it was vacation time.  So unfortunately, I let them back into my life.  Party Time!

I guess I could have gained more.

I ate my regular foods.  I just may have ate too much of my regular foods.  I had plenty of meats, vegetables, healthy fats (a lot of nuts), and fruit.  I stayed away from the starches – no bread, no potatoes (except for one very large baked potato laden with real butter which was soooo delicious) with our grilled steak.  No sugar.  And I really mean No Sugar.  Even when we went to the all you can eat Paul Bunyon restaurant, I didn’t eat pancakes or donuts (actually I had a small bite of the most decadent donut ever made).   I did indulge in the eggs, ham and sausage.  And since it was all you could eat for one low price, I had to get my money’s worth.

I was active.  I kayaked, walked, ran, and did my picnic bench work out.  Swimming was not a great option because the lake at the Wisconsin Dells was a bit murky with a lot of stuff floating in it.  Seaweed.  I am not fond of swimming around and in between sea weed.  But I stayed active.  Okay.  Maybe not that active.  I probably could have done more.  But sitting down with a glass of wine was very enjoyable.

Talking about wine.  I probably drank a bit too much wine.  But what is a vacation if you can not indulge a bit.  Maybe starting to drink wine at 3 in the afternoon was not the healthiest choice.  But aren’t you suppose to relax when you are on vacation?  And relaxing it was.  I even took a nap one day and read a book on another day.

So I am blaming my fat cells on this weight gain.  I had nothing to do with it.  And when we got home last night my fat cells would not leave me alone.  They wanted me to continue the party.  I did not want to let them down, so before bedtime I had 2 – not just one – but 2 bowls of ice cream drenched in Baily’s Irish Cream.   It was delicious.  I loved every bite of it.  And so did my fat cells.

Vacation eating and drinking was fun for the week.  But today is another day.  I have gotten rid of the ice cream (actually ate it all) and filled the refrigerator with all of my healthy vegetables, greek yogurt, almond milk, fruits and meats.  I am sorry fat cells but I have to put you back in your cell.  Cell Block 1 is where you all belong.  I will not visit you today.  Because  today I am going to eat clean and get back on track.


The Glorious Scale


The scale.  It can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  I have my scale right next to my kitchen, sitting in all its glory. I see it every morning.  And every morning, I look at it, say a little prayer and hop on it.  And then whatever number I see on the scale sets the tone for the rest of the day.  Some days I am happy, some days I am sad and on most days I am just frustrated.

When I hop on my Withings scale, the number climbs until it hits your actual weight.  The first number is pretty cool.  It is several pounds lower than your actual weight but just looking at that number is glorious.  And then the number starts to climb, slowly, slowly, “please, oh please stop” and then it stops.  Sometimes it stops on a number I am pleased with.  And then I know my day will be great.  But when it stops on a number I am not so happy about, my mood is set for the day.  Sad, confused and frustrated.

Our weight fluctuates on a daily basis.  It goes up, goes down, and sometimes stays the same.  Our bodies are mysterious.  Some days our bodies may retain water causing weight gain.  Sometimes our bodies just want to play with our minds and the weight just stays the same.  NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO!  And some days one may have eaten the biggest, fattest, greasiest, sweetest, hugest meal – and several of them – and your body will show a weight loss.  Go figure.

This week at my Weight Watcher meeting, my leader Bonnie, gave us a challenge.  Stay off the scale.  She explained how the scale is a good indicator but when weighing every day it can be a detriment to our weight loss.  Weighing yourself every day can play with your mind.  She said that weighing just once a week was best while trying to lose weight.  We should just weigh in at our Weight Watcher meeting.  She asked who wanted to take the challenge to stay off the scale for one week.

So Bonnie, was looking directly at me.  “Lisa, do you think you can stay off the scale for one week?”  I looked her straight in the eye.  I am always up for a challenge.  For crying out loud, I ran a 6 mile race as a challenge, I attempted the 30 Whole Paleo Challenge, I gave up wine for 3 and a half weeks – not quite making it to four weeks – which was a real challenge.  So I looked Bonnie and said “yes”.  Piece of cake.  “I will stay off the scale for one week.”

And I will be honest, this has been one of my hardest challenges.  Yesterday was the first day of the challenge.  I woke up at my regular time, went to the kitchen to make my coffee and there it was.  I turned the corner and saw my scale.  I thought about the challenge.  I stood frozen looking at that glorious piece of equipment.  I have been so good with my eating.  Basically, perfect.  “Ok, I will hop on the scale just this once and I will start the challenge tomorrow.”  But I am so good at challenges.  Once I make my mind up to do something, I usually succeed – no matter how hard it is.  I will stay off the scale.  I will succeed at this challenge.

But my scale in all its glory was calling me to it.  It was like the bottle of wine that calls my name every evening.  “Drink me, drink me.”  And I say to the bottle of wine.  “I will drink you – just not right now.”  And then I grab a glass of Diet Tonic Water.  The scale is like a drug to me.  I have never used drugs so I am really not quite sure what drug addicts feel but the scale is so powerful.  I am so drawn to it.  It has a power over me.

I suggested to my husband that I put it away.  I wanted to hide it.  But he said “just don’t get on it”.  That is like telling me while he is pouring a glass of wine for himself, just don’t be tempted while I am enjoying this glass of sweet nectar in front of you.  Or when he asks me to get him cookies every evening after dinner never thinking that I would be tempted to eat one.  But actually those things really don’t bother me.  When I am on a mission, I can really walk away from temptation. But for some reason I am really having difficulty walking away from the scale.

So, yesterday was the first day of the challenge.  And the devil was calling my name.  It was saying  “just hop on, just this once.  You will feel so much better.”  I succumbed.  I was weak.  I got on the scale saying “just for today and tomorrow I will put it away.”  So I hopped on the scale, in all my weakness, praying for the ultimate weight loss.  The number started out wonderful and I had that high, the feeling was glorious for that one moment.  And then the  number started climbing, climbing and then it stopped.  The high immediately left.  The number was the same number it has been for a month.  I stepped off the scale and immediately  was depressed.  My quick high left me very low.

Enough!  I am tired of the highs and lows.  I am tired of being addicted to this scale.  I am tired of the devil.  I am putting the scale away.  I am going to put it in a place where it will be difficult to reach and put out again.   I will succeed at this challenge – one day late – but I will succeed.  So glorious scale I bid you adieu – I will see you again – but for today, I am walking away.