Colon Cleanse

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I told you on my last blog that I would talk about one of the components of Vemma Bode’s products.   The Colon Cleanse. You can read all about the cleanse and what it claims to do HERE.  Even after reading the 2 page informational sheet, I still am not sure how a colon cleanse can really help you lose weight. Vemma claims it is a pure and gentle way to prepare your body for a transformation by: 1. Supporting healthy liver and digestive functions 2.  Cleansing impurities at the cellular level and  3.  Nourishing your body for overall health.

There are so many great ingredients in this little 2 ounce bottle (to be added to 12 ounces of purified water).   All the ingredients are natural.  I love that this product contains 10 grams of fiber.  Did you know that we are suppose to have at least 25 grams of fiber a day?  As I read the info sheet I am convinced that all of these natural vitamins and minerals are good for you.

That being said, I was so prepared for this little bottle to totally cleanse me out and help in my new weight loss transformation.  But the cleansing never happened.  It was so gentle it did nothing to “prepare my body by gently cleansing”.  By drinking this tasty concoction,  I did ingest all the healthy nutrients that probably did prepare my body for my healthy transformation.  But again the cleansing never happened.

But what it did do –  And this part of the blog is not for the faint of heart – It made me stink so bad I could not be in the same room with other people.  And on one day that I knew that I had a full day seeing clients, I opted out of taking that tasty little drink.  I just could not risk that odor permeating our studio.

So I am really not sure what this little product really did for me.  I will not purchase it again.  And I still have a seven day supply left.  I have decided that colon cleansing is not for me.  I will let nature do its thing – naturally.