I wanted to give a shout out to a friend of mine that has lost a ton of weight.  Pam Bredenkamp has been on her weight loss journey for two years.  She chose to do the Take Shape for Life approach with Medifast and has been a great inspiration to me and my weight loss journey.  I had a great conversation with Pam a few weeks ago and I wanted to share her weight loss approach.

Pam has lost 220 pounds and is doing amazing and looks absolutely fabulous.  She has become a Take Shape for Life Coach and is a true inspiration.  At our meeting, she explained the program how she would eat 5 Medifast meals and 1 lean and green meal per day.  She said it was the easiest thing she has ever done.  She said with Medifast there was never any question as to what to eat for the day.  It was mindless.  She had her meals at her fingertips.  They are easy to prepare.  The food is tasty.  And she found the program to be sustainable.  I met with her for lunch on several occasions and she would have her lean and green meal which included a lean meat and vegetables.

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She gave me a packet of information that outlined the program.  I found the program not to be too expensive for what you got.  When you think about your weekly grocery bill and daily eating out, Medifast is actually a bargain.

I also found that Medifast has a great web site.  It navigates very easily and is very informative.  I also love how the program Take Shape for Life is a complete program helping you lead a healthier lifestyle.  Medifast does not just have you buy their products and leave you alone.  You get a health coach that has gone through the process and helps you every step of the way.  I want to share Pam’s website with you   If anyone is looking for a weight loss program and wants someone who is kind, nice, funny, genuine and honest to be your coach, please check Pam’s site out.  She will help you out every step of the way.

I also found the book that Medifast endorses “Optimal Health” by Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen is the best weight loss book I have ever read.  And I guarantee you that I have a full library of weight loss books.  I encourage every one to read this book.  Dr. Wayne incorporates four components of Optimal Health and weight loss.   Healthy Eating, Healthy Motion, Healthy Sleep and Healthy Mind.  Optimal health is not just about weigh loss.  It is all about leading a healthy lifestyle.

I have another friend, Lisa Stephenson, who just became a Health Coach.  She has been a life time Weight Watcher and has maintained her weight most of her life.  She chose to lose over 10 pounds with Medifast.  She looks and feels great.  Check out Lisa’s Take Shape for Life web site, I will share it with you. Lisa also shares so much on her Facebook page where you can connect with her.

I am really proud of these two women.  It really does not matter what weight loss program you use.  What one needs to decide is what one needs to to do to get healthy.  Medifast may or may not be for you.  Weight Watchers may or may not be for you.  My suggestion is do your research, choose to be healthy and find a program that is sustainable and fits into your lifestyle.