Learning How to Eat

Being inspired is very important to me. My Weight Watcher journey has been a long one.  And I need to stay inspired beyond my weekly meetings – which I never miss.   But where do we find the inspiration?  As I told you in one of my last blogs, the internet is filled with all kinds of inspiration.   When I started my blog, Pants Fallin Down,  I did some research.  I googled –  BLOGS FOR LOSING WEIGHT.  There were several, several sites that came up in the search.  But one that caught my eye was 20 Best Weight Loss Blogs of 2013.  I went through and read all 20 blogs.  But the one I kept coming back to and receive daily e-mails is Ronis Weigh.  Roni is a  mom with 3 young children who has gone through a transformation with her weight loss.  I could write a whole blog just on her, but check Roni out for yourself.

A blog site Roni created is BLOG TO LOSE.  This is a site for people who are on their weight loss journey, thinking about losing weight, losing weight  and maintaining their weight.  You can start your own blog, you can share your feelings in one of the forums or just be a lurker and see what everyone else is doing.  You can join for free.

The other day while lurking the Blog to Lose site, I came across another blog  site, Half Size Me.  The creator of this site is another mom with four young children.  She lost 170 pounds.  And she lost it through Weight Watchers.  Please take the time to check out her site.  You will be blown away.  The coolest thing on her site are her podcasts.  AND THEY ARE FREE!!!!  She interviews people who have gone through the weight loss journey.  I started to listen to them.  AND TALK ABOUT INSPIRATION!!!  Most of these women are Weight Watchers.  And some are calorie counters.  The interesting thing  I heard over and over again in these podcasts was that Weight Watchers taught them how to eat.  Anyone can lose weight.  And everyone has to eat.  But the real challenge lies in learning how to eat.

In this past year, I have learned how to eat.  When I heard about “learning how to eat”, I thought to myself – “Well, I certainly know how to eat.”  And eat I did.  Prior to Weight Watchers, I would eat in the car, I would eat standing up.  I would eat my dinner and then sneak back to the kitchen (saying I was going to get something to drink) and pick at the leftovers.  I still eat my lunch at my computer – but that story will be for another day.  I would grab a diet soda and a bag of chips for breakfast (breakfast of champions) and my favorite breakfast was a loaf of asiago bread from Panera Bread Company – or if your from St. Louis it is called St. Louis Bread Company.  I would pick at the bread on the way to work, thinking I would share it with my fellow employees.  And by the time I got to my studio, the loaf was gone.  But no worries.  I had also purchased a loaf of a delicious cranberry nut bread to share with everyone.

Yes, Weight Watchers has been a long journey.  But I am very grateful for it.   Weight Watchers is about eating real food.  It is about portion control.  It is about nutrition.  And it is about moving your body.  It is about eating from all the food groups.  It is about being accountable.  I food journal every day.  I know exactly what and how much goes in my mouth.  And yes – my darling daughter Maria – I do eat a lot of fruit.  But Weight Watchers has worked in five fruits a day into the program.   I love fruit!  Some days I go over my allotted 26 points.  But there is that magical additional 49 points you can tap into.  And some days I just have to eat more than my 26 points.

I will eventually reach my goal weight.   But for some reason this week my goal weight was not that important to me.  What was important to me this week was realizing that in this past year, I am learning how to eat.  I know there will be times when I fall back into my old habits.  And I did on Saturday evening.  I made a wonderful dinner – my favorite – roasted chicken, with my favorite ingredients – salt, pepper and garlic.  And I got creative and added rosemary and thyme.  It was delicious.  I added carrots and onions to the roasting pan.  And as a side dish I made baked sweet potato fries.  After dinner, I snuck back to the kitchen – telling John I was going to get something more to drink – A BIG LIE!  I went back to do what I love to do.  To pick at the leftovers of my favorite meal.  Ok-ok- that is one big problem I am going to work on.  I know that picking at the leftovers is a big flaw of mine.  And I will correct it.

Learning how to eat is a forever challenge.  Yes, I will slip back into some old habits.  But the important thing is that I have all my tools in place.  With my tools, if I slip, I will pick myself back up and get back on track.  I actually slipped just for 5 minutes this week.   And compared to my past life of loaves of asiago bread, cranberry nut bread, chips and soda, a 5 minute picking of vegetables and chicken does not seem so bad.