My New Scale

It was time to get rid of my scale. The old scale would give me a different reading every time I stepped on it. I would step on it and move it until I got my best weight. We were friends. I liked that scale. It seemed to know when to give me a good number. And I would move it all over the bathroom until I got the that good number.

And then I would go weigh in at Weight Watchers.

And it was like dooms day when I got on that scale. There was always a discrepancy of 3-5 pounds with Weight Watcher’s scale. I really believed that I was losing more weight than I was. I really believed my home scale. I really thought the Weight Watchers scale was wrong. I was so mad at my Weight Watchers meeting at my last weigh in, I thought about quitting.

But instead of quitting (I WILL NOT QUIT) We just bought a new scale. So….

Liar liar pants on fire. I have not lost 39 pounds. I have lost 36.8 pounds. My new scale made me gain weight. I weighed in today at 164.7. My BMI is 29.2. I am on the border of overweight and obese. I think I am going to cry.

But this is a journey. It is not a race. It is a lifestyle. It is my new life.

My new friend is the Withings Scale. We got the Cadillac of scales. You step on the scale and it records my weight, BMI, Fat Mass, Pulse and air quality. I am not sure what air quality has to do with weight loss but it is a feature. And I can get on it 5 times in a row and I will get the same reading. This scale can not be manipulated. It then records on my I-Phone through my Withings App. And it connects to my other app My Fitness Pal. And I have the Weight Watcher App. So now I have 3 apps on my phone to tell me how fat I am. Lucky me.

But this is a journey. It is not a race. It is a lifestyle. It is my new life.

Vacation Dieting

We just got home from the best vacation ever. We went to Evanston, IL for a full week visiting family. We also spent 3 days in Michigan for a family wedding. But I digress.

My total weight loss for this past year on Weight Watchers has been 39 pounds (on my scale and 36 on the Weight Watcher scale). I was almost perfect with tracking every day and keeping within my 26 points. I exercised most days (mainly walking) and not too often did I eat my extra points (49 for the week and then you could tap into your exercise points, which I never did). I was not the “Biggest Loser” by any stretch. But I was consistent with small weight losses every week. I have decided that my weight loss is the result of a healthier life style. This is NOT a diet. This is my new life.

Back to the vacation and wedding.

I did not track my points for 11 days while on vacation. I took a vacation from my new lifestyle. I ate foods that I have not eaten in a year – and enjoyed every morsel. At the wedding I enjoyed delicious appetizer bruschetta thingies. I ate the best dinner and licked my plate. And had 3 delicious glasses of wine. I took a nose dive into the dessert tray. I have never eaten such delectable morsels of sweetness before. And I am not a dessert eater. But the small little cakes were absolutely delicious and irresistible.

I ate home cooked potato chips from my nephew’s deli – Rollin to Go – and had the best Portabella sandwich that I get every time I go there – once a year. It had big fat mushrooms with a sauce that would dribble down your chin. This mound of goodness was layered between crusty Ciabatta bread.

We went out to dinner and had Mexican, Cajun and Italian. I had chips with salsa and bread with butter. I had rice and it was very white. I ate pizza. We went to the movies and yes I had popcorn. And I drank wine every night.

But I did walk my 10,000 steps plus every day. I walked to the beach and all around Northwestern’s campus. We went into downtown Chicago via the Metra and walked to the Art Museum bringing in over 20,000 steps. I walked all over Evanston which was more fun than exercise. I was a walking machine and loved every minute of it.

And now I have to face the scale………I just did and I think my scale is broken. The first time I got on I gained 1.2 pounds. I did not think that was right and I got on again. I gained 2.4 pounds. I got off and on a 3rd time and I gained 1.2 pounds. I could do that all day. So I will average it out and I gained 1.8 pounds. Not bad for all the eating I did.

Today starts the beginning of my 2nd year enjoying a healthier lifestyle.

To be continued….