Huffing and Puffing No More

I feel great.  I love being able to move better without huffing and puffing.  I love being able to bend down and tie my shoes.  I love sitting down on a couch and being able to get my body to a standing position without falling over or being out of breath.  I feel great that my weight is not an issue any more when I am photographing.

The worst fear for me as a photographer is not being able to do my job.  I photograph a lot of high school seniors and I am always getting down on my knees or laying down on the ground to get a great angle.  In my heavier days, I feared when I got down, I would never be able to get up again.  But getting the shot was more important to me.  So I would gingerly get down on the ground, get my shot – while doing a lot of huffing and puffing – and attempt to get up.  I would have to roll over, get on my knees and push myself up.   I am sure that I looked like a beached whale.  And then even more embarrassing was when the senior I was photographing – God love em – came over and offered me a hand.  There was no way I could maneuver my body up with help.  It took me a while to get myself up but eventually I did.   You would think  that I would not get down on the ground with such physical limitations but I was always so excited to get a shot that was somehow different than other photographers.  Now in my slimmer body, I can get down and get up very easily.  That is a great feeling.

My past overly endowed body got me in trouble on a few occasions but one instance really stands out.  And I never want to go back there again.  This was in my 200 plus days – actually at my heaviest.  I photographed a lot of weddings back in the day.  I had a wedding client that was what I thought being quite difficult.  They came in to pick up their wedding album and upon viewing it they wanted to rearrange the album I had designed.  I had spent hours putting their album together and to pull it all apart would be a difficult task.  When I balked at what they wanted, they started to complain about other things.  It was one of those instances that I should have just shut up, done what they wanted and gone on with my life.

I was sitting on a couch, a very comfy one.  My weight was making me sink down into it.  I was getting angrier by the minute at these unreasonable clients and I was trying desperately not to show it.   I kept smiling and tried to reason with them but they were not having any of it.  They wanted what they wanted and if I would not comply they would complain to the Better Business Bureau.  Oh, how I love being threatened.  And then I saw on a table near the couch an wedding album, I thought they would love and would be less work and expense for me to redesign the album.

I tried to get up off of the couch.  I was kind of stuck.  I could not get my fat self up.  I tried and struggled and finally made it to my feet.  By the time I got up, I was literally huffing and puffing.  The client said to me in a very angry voice “You need to do what we want.  And you do not need to huff and puff at us.”  I was stunned.  I was not huffing and puffing at them.  I literally was huffing and puffing because it was a lot of work to get out of that couch.

I looked at them in astonishment.  And said “Look at me, I am fat.  Fat people huff and puff.  Did you not see me trying to get up off of that couch?”  I really thought they would laugh, calm down, feel sorry for me but they were convinced that I was huffing and puffing at them.  So when I finally caught my breath and settled down, I agreed to everything they wanted.  I redesigned their album and even upgraded it at my own expense.  The Better Business Bureau was not called and I never saw those clients again.

I am very thankful for my slimmer body.  I can now get down on the ground get my shot and jump right back up.  I am not afraid to sit in a chair because it will be uncomfortable.  I am confident that when I sit on a couch I can easily get up.  And there is no more huffing and puffing.