Jawbone Up

I have broken up with Jawbone Up.  I purchased my Up band last January.  I loved it.  It kept track of all my steps, activity and sleep.  This little device kept me accountable for my activity.  My goal was 10,000 steps a day.  There were days I did not make it.  But on the days I did, I would do the happy dance.  And there were days that I was just a few hundred steps away from 10,000 and got on the treadmill to complete my mission.  And then one day a few months after I purchased the Up Band it quit working.

So I got onto the Jawbone Up support site and they took care of me right away.  No questions asked.  We will send you a new one.  Wow – I was totally impressed.  The customer service was amazing.  And within a few days, I received my new band and continued my activity quest.

And then after a few months the band stopped working – again.  The exact same problem.  Now you might be thinking, I must have done something to cause the band to break.  All I did was wear it.  I never got it wet – never.  I did not drop it, I did not cause it to break.  It just quit working.  So once again, I called customer service and again I got the best service.  They tried to trouble shoot the problem and realized the band was not going to come back to life.  They sent me a new one and again I was able to continue my activity and count my steps.

Then last week  – the band quit working.  Again, the exact same thing.  I did nothing wrong, did not get it wet.  I did not drop it.  All, I did was wear it. I thought with the great customer service I had in the past, that there would be no problem and they would send me a new one.  WRONG!!!!  At first they e-mailed me a trouble shooting e-mail that was not only confusing but took a long time to do.  After I completed it, I called customer service and told them that the troubleshooting did not work.  But the Up rep was excited to tell me what they could do for me.

And then the bomb dropped.  Since it had been more than a year that I bought the band and my one year warranty ran out, they could offer me a 25% discount on a new band.  REALLY?  Why did they not give me a one year warranty with every FAULTY band that they sent me.  Why would I want to invest anymore money with a company that did not stand behind their product?  I am sorry Jawbone Up.  I will no longer be buying any product from you.  Obviously, your product is faulty.

For now I am taking a break from purchasing another band.  I am looking at the Fit Bit.  It looks like a great product and I have heard their customer service is great.  But for now I know how many miles I need to walk or run to get me to 10,000 steps. I know I need to cross train.  I know I need to continue my boot camp.  I know what to do to continue my activity quest.  For now I am going to depend on myself and not an accessory.