Garcinia Cambogia Weight Loss Scam

Last Saturday morning I was catching up with Facebook.  A suggested sight -WEIGHT LOSS TIPS FOR 60+ – came up in my news feed.  Facebook is smart.  It knows that I am 60 plus and I am on a weight loss journey.  And me being a very curious person, I went ahead and checked out the 60+ facebook business page.  There was not a lot on it.  The page had only one day of posts on September 4th but this photo which caught my attention.  This adorable woman was claiming how to drop some belly fat.

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 7.20.59 AM

I am all about losing belly fat and if this elderly woman has the answer, than count me in.  As you can see there is web site that I thought would tell me all about how to lose my belly fat.  If you click on this site you will know exactly what I am talking about.  But it is not about this adorable woman losing her belly fat.  Nor is this woman on the site.  It is a big long site about Garcinia Cambogia being the newest and greatest supplement for weight loss.  They make it look like WOMEN’S HEALTH Magazine is associated with this product and endorsing this product. There are photos of women and testimonials of women who used the product and how GC helped them reach their weight loss goals.  And guess who’s voice your here talking?  My favorite doctor.  Dr. Oz.  So I clicked on his video and watched his whole TV program on Garcinia Cambogia.  I was enthralled.  All you have to do is take this little pill and you will slim down with little effort and you will lose your belly fat.  I was sold.  If Dr. Oz is saying (not endorsing) Gacinia Cambogia it must be a great supplement and who am I to question his knowledge?  I signed up on the dotted line.

But one major problem.  I did not read the fine print.  Why should I?  After all this adorable elderly woman seemed to lose her belly fat with Garcina Cambogia and Women’s Health Magazine was seemingly endorsing it.  And if Dr. Oz says to take this supplement – than this is a no brainer.  Here is the fine print.

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 7.38.56 AM

I forgot to tell you that a Colon Cleanse should be taken with GC if you want even better   results.  But as your can see it says GET A FREE TRIAL TODAY.  I also signed up for that – after all the sooner I lose this weight the better I will be.

Now I assumed that they would send me a FREE bottle of so many pills that I could try.  That is what that says doesn’t it?  And if I liked the product I would just order again what I would need.  So I clicked on CLICK HERE TO TRY A FREE BOTTLE.  

And this came up next.

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 7.42.11 AM

And in bold letters it says JUST PAY FOR SHIPPING.  They will send you a 14 day trial.  No commitments – can cancel at any time.  And you save on shipping.  So I was going to get my FREE trial for only $4.95  I was so excited.  I was on my way to a quicker weight loss.  My goal was so close with this product.  And If I added the COLON CLEANSE (also with a FREE trial) I would be at my goal weight in no time.  Count me in for the COLON CLEANSE.

I received my very anticipated shipment within 2 days.  I was so excited.  It came from a place called Pure Vitamins with a phone number right on the bottle.  That had to be legit – right?  I took my first pill and was so excited I could feel the belly fat melting away.  But then I took a closer look at the bottle.  It was pretty big and did not say trial on it.  It had a 30 day supply of pills.  That was 90 pills.  That seemed odd to me for a FREE trial.  So I called my daughter (by the way I did not tell my husband I had done this) and told her what I did.  She said “Mom they are going to charge your card if you don’t cancel your subscription”.  No big deal.  I will just call – tell them to cancel my subscription – and still use the FREE trial.

Not so fast.  I called the number and the operator in broken English was trying to explain to me that I had 14 days to return the bottle of unused pills in order for my charge card not to be charged $79.89 for the full 30 day supply of 90 pills.  I was incredulous!  I had been scammed.  How was I going see if this product would work only in 14 days?  I thought I had a whole month to try it.  But after 20 minutes of pleading my case with this woman, I conceded.  I was not only scammed but I was not going to get a quick weight loss.  I was going to have to go back to hard work of counting my calories and daily workouts.

By this time I fessed up to my husband.  He did not have much to say – but I know what he was thinking – like – “how did my wife of 40 years do such a stupid thing”.  But he said nothing and was very kind and helped me by shipping the pills back for me.  (I did try to keep 30 pills that the broken English phone lady said I could keep.  But John convinced me by saying “Do you really think these pills are legit if this company is trying to scam you?” ) How did I marry such a smart person?

My story does not end here. I will have to continue this story tomorrow.  It is getting late.  But I just can’t wait for tomorrow for the continuance of this story.

To be continued….