Baby Steps


On my Weight Watcher journey I have lost very slowly but very steadily.  In 19 months I have lost 45 pounds which averages out to .592 pounds per week.   I still have 5 more pounds until I reach my Weight Watcher goal.  I have been at this weight for several weeks.  I may be at the ultimate and loathsome plateau.  But I am not a quitter.  I am a fighter.  I really want to lose more weight.  Baby steps.

The baby steps and the slow weight loss can be discouraging.  None of my clothes fit me.  They are all too big.  This is a great problem to have.  I really do not want to invest in new clothes until I hit my ultimate goal.  I went shopping the other day and again got so overwhelmed with all the choices that I walked out of the store.  In my plumper days things were so easy.  I had one style. Frumpy.  I went into a store, tried one item on, and if it fit, I purchased three of the same items – just in different colors.

Back to what I really wanted to share with you today.   I am still counting calories.  I keep within 1200 calories per day.  And on some days I go up to 1600 calories a day.  I have stepped up my cardio.  This past week I ran 3 plus miles on 5 days and walked 3 miles one day.  But I have decided that I needed to shake things up a bit.   I am trying something new.  I am excited about my new weight loss journey.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog.

All or Nothing

I am an all or nothing kind of gal.  I tend to not to do things half way.  I do it all or I don’t do it.  A good example is in my cooking.  In my past posts you all know by now that I am not the best cook.  But when I do cook, I cook a lot.  Christmas Eve dinner was a success with my family’s Italian Dish, Rovalini.  But why did I have to make enough to feed an army?  And a hungry army at that.  And now I have several Rovalini meals frozen in the freezer.

When the grandkids came over to bake cookies.  Why could I not be happy with just baking one batch of cookies.  I had to bake dozens and dozens of cookies.  The grandkids left me in the dust to finish baking by myself.  I should have taken their cue and stopped when they got bored.  But I was on a mission.  I was intent on making A LOT of cookies.  I never asked the question, what am I going to do with all the cookies?  I gave away a lot.  I ate a few.  And the rest of the cookies made it to the freezer.  Have you ever tasted a frozen cookie?  They are absolutely delicious.  So they will find their new place – in the trash.

All or nothing.  I am never satisfied.   More is better.  When I buy clothes I always buy two of the same thing – in different colors.  When I go for a walk – why only go for one mile when three miles is better.  Why buy the smallest Christmas tree on the lot when a bigger and taller one is better.  And the list goes on.

So I have been thinking about my all or nothing attitude and I have started to feel bad.  Because what it is doing is making me feel guilty when I can not complete something.  Like working out.  I always thought an hour workout was the best.  And two hours would even be better.  But two hours out of my day working out is an impossibility.  I can do one hour.  And I definitely can fit 1/2 hour in.

So I leave a thought for anyone that is starting a weight loss journey for the new year.  Baby Steps.  If you feel you can not walk 3 miles I bet you could walk for one block.  And then tomorrow you might be able to walk two blocks.  If you are a soda drinker, what if you replaced one of those sodas with water.  Just once.  And tomorrow you might be able to give up two of your sodas for water.  What if just for today you had grilled chicken instead of fried chicken? Baked or sauteed fish instead of fried fish.  What if you replaced your full fat salad dressing with a light dressing?  Or olive oil and vinegar.  Just for today.  

A weight loss journey does not have to be all or nothing.  It is a way of life.  I know I will not lose these last 18 pounds overnight.  But I can and will be diligent with my journey.  I will continue my weight loss journey into 2014 with baby steps.  And just for today I am giving up my all or nothing attitude.