A Year of Maintenance

This has been quite a year. I have maintained a 50 pound weight loss within 5 pounds. And a 70 pound weight loss since my very highest. Exactly one year ago, I weighed 149.6.  That lasted for a nano second and I think it was a fluke.   I decided that I wanted to maintain that weight for one year and see how I would feel. It is one year later and I am up 5 pounds.  Maintenance is a bitch.

In my past years I would have been devastated by a 5 pound “gain”. I would have thrown in the towel. I would have gone back to my old ways of eating. I would have said “this is just not working for me” and dove into a pizza – and it would be an Imo’s Supreme.  I would have avoided being around people in fear that they would look at me and say “she’s putting her weight back on.” “I knew she couldn’t do it”. “Once a fatty, always a fatty”.  “Fatty, fatty, two by four.” And the list of sayings goes on.

But today, I have a new outlook on “maintenance”. I have allowed myself to have a window of 5 pounds to play with. It gives me a sense of freedom without a fear of gaining everything back. I will admit when I hit my goal weight, I was scared. My main thought was how can I maintain this weight? How can I go through life without eating some of my favorite foods? Do I have to give up bread forever? What about popcorn – I love popcorn. Wine – oh – wine. How can I give you up? Ice cream – Ted Drews – Abbaca Mocha concrete will I ever see you again? Pasta, cookies, sweets, baked potatoes loaded with butter and the list goes on.

So one year ago, I made the decision that I wanted to stay “thin” forever. Ok not thin – just normal and slightly on the higher BMI side. According to the weight chart, I am still above normal. Maybe even fat.  I decided that if I lost more weight that would be great but maintaining was more important to me. So to stay “thin” I needed to make a decision what foods would keep me the healthiest and would serve my body the best.  But first, I needed to decide what foods were non-negotiable.

Here are my non-negotiable items. I love popcorn. But I have found that I cannot eat popcorn everyday. When I eat popcorn I can not eat just two cups for 110 calories. That is like eating two handfuls. I love to eat a bowl of popcorn. And a large bowl.  That makes eating popcorn worthwhile. So I eat popcorn on an average of once a month.    And my beloved wine.  This is definitely non-negotiable. I love my wine and I enjoy coming home from work and sitting down before dinner and having one or two glasses of this delectable nectar.  I have become an amateur wine maker which makes drinking wine even more pleasurable.

Pasta has been replaced by spaghetti squash.  Pizza crust has been replaced with cauliflower crust – delicious!.  Wheat is pretty much a thing of the past.  Sugar is a definite no, no.  Snacks have been replaced with Sugar Snap Peas, which I could eat all day long.   My go to snack every day is plain Greek Yogurt sprinkled with a bit of Crystal Light.  And sometimes I will add some berries.  And I do end most days with a 30 calorie no sugar popsicle.  It is such a treat.

Let’s talk bread.  I don’t eat bread.  I decided that this was very easy to give up.  However, on occasions I will indulge in a 6″ Subway Club.  That sandwich is delicious but I choose not to eat it all the time.  But here is the dilemma.  My son has become a bread maker and his pics on Instagram and Facebook have been making my mouth water.  He has perfected his breads to the point he could sell them commercially.  And shouldn’t I support him in his new endeavor?  So I have decided that one day soon I will have a slice of his bread.  I may even put butter on it.  And this is ok.  Because I will only have it on special occasions.  Thank God he lives an hour away.

My outlook one year into maintenance is not what I had to give up to stabilize my weight.  It is more about what foods will empower my body. It is more about making a choice to eat foods that make me healthy.  I am off of my cholesterol and high blood pressure medicine.   I feel great.  I look a whole lot better.  I like fitting into smaller off the rack clothes.  Yes I have “gained” five pounds, thank you very much to my beloved scale.  But that is ok because I know those five pounds will eventually leave me.  I am confident that I will be “thin” (ok not thin – just smaller), for the rest of my life.

Maintenance is really not a bitch.  It is just a life long journey.

Hail Mary

I am not a very religious person.  Actually I am not religious at all.  I can’t remember the last time I went to church.  And I am not planning on going any time soon.  But I can say that I am a spiritual person.  I pray every night as I lay down to go to sleep.  I thank God for all he has given me and for keeping my family safe for another day.  When I can’t sleep at night, I will pray the rosary.  I usually fall asleep after the first few Hail Marys.  Never getting to the Our Father.

I have found when I am working out at Gold’s Gym saying a Hail Mary is mentally easier than counting to 10, 15 or 20 reps.  That is what my trainer is there for. She counts. I pray.   When I am in the zone, I let my mind escape by reciting the Hail Mary.  It takes me 13 seconds to comfortably recite the prayer.  I can say a lot of prayers during my work out.  It is mentally very soothing.

I have been working out with my trainer since September.  I absolutely love her.  Chantille is so kind but relentless.  What I love about her is that she sees my weaknesses and will work on them.  Currently my shoulder movement is very limited.  I broke my shoulder years ago and my arms just don’t want to go back.  So every training session we do a set of shoulder presses to strengthen my shoulders.  Slowly my flexibility is returning.

Another weakness of mine is step ups.  I know you all know what I am talking about.  If you have been to a basketball game or football game one needs to step up onto risers to get to their seat.  I did not want to be that person that has to watch a basketball game sitting on the first riser because I could not step up any higher.  So Chantille has me hold a kettle bell in each hand and has me step up on the step up stool for at least a whole rosary.  Actually it is 20 reps – 3 times – but it seems to take forever.  So one day I thought if I go a little faster I would get over this awful exercise quicker.  It did not work.  My foot caught on the edge of the stool and down I went – kettle bells and all.  I have learned that fast prayers do not work – just like fast work outs do not work.  Slow and steady is the best means to the end.

There is something to the adage The Power of Prayer.  I truly believe in it. I pray hard during my workouts.  I pray to pass the time and I pray that I won’t die during my workout.  So far my prayers have been answered.  I am getting stronger.  And I am still alive.  I actually have muscle tone in my arms.  My body is being reshaped.  Keep in mind that I do have saggy baggy elephant skin from the weight loss but underneath those flaps of skin is muscle.  I love it!

So I will continue with my prayers and my workouts.  I don’t want these last months to be that Hail Mary pass – like a touchdown pass in a  football game.  I want to continue strong and steady.  I will never be a power lifter or a body muscle model but I know for sure that I will be able to climb up the risers comfortably to be able to watch my grandsons play football and basketball.  I will be able to lift my camera bag without my back not going out on me.  I will be able to walk/run at a decent clip and not be totally winded.  I will be able to get down on the ground during a photo shoot and be able to get back up.  I am just looking for simple strength.

Now I wonder what I would be able to accomplish if I started to pray the Our Father.


Break Ups Are Hard

I have broken up with Weight Watchers.  I hate break ups. They make me sad.   But it is time for me to move on.  Weight Watchers was a great tool for me for 22 months.  It helped me learn portion control, good foods/bad foods.  The bad thing is that I was always hungry and always thinking about food.

I am a firm believer that if something is not working for you – or even if you feel like something is not working for you – than it may be worth trying something new.  So in my weight loss journey I mainly stuck with Weight Watchers.  I diligently recorded everything I ate.  I counted my points and recorded them on the Weight Watcher on-line e-tools.  I soon realized  that the Weight Watcher e-tools was not user friendly.  And everything that you recorded was deleted after 2 months.  Through my frustration with Weight Watcher e-tools I found a very friendly ap that is FREE.  My Fitness Pal.  I plug my foods in that I eat and it records my calories.  My activities are also recorded through my Map My Run ap.   And I can look back months ago as to what I ate and all the information is still there.  And again did I mention that this ap is FREE!!!

In the past several months I have tried to include other “diets” into my weight loss journey.  Back in January I attempted  the 30 day Paleo Challenge.  I found that it was extremely restrictive.  I couldn’t sustain that restrictive eating.  So back to Weight Watcher’s I went.  Keep in mind that every time I did something other than Weight Watcher’s, I never missed a Weight Watcher meeting.  I liked the group of people and definitely loved my group leader.

And the closer I got to my goal weight, the slower the weight loss became.  I started to get discouraged.  So I decided to try South Beach for a couple of weeks.  I got closer to my goal weight with that program.  I loved the low carbs but still was not convinced that this was the path I wanted to continue on.

Then came Chris Powell and carb cycling.  I bought the Vemma Bode supplement products that Chris Powell endorses.  I loved the Chris Powell protein powder.  I tolerated the protein drink  for my afternoon protein snack.  I definitely did not like the colon cleanse (which I definitely will never attempt again).  And it did not do the cleansing it was suppose to do.    After several weeks of doing this program the carb cycling got confusing.  One day you eat low carbs and then on another day you eat high carbs.  It got confusing when I tried to plan my meals.  I would have a nice dinner planned out that would include a carb such as a sweet potato and then realized it was a low carb day and had to readjust the menu. I lost a couple of more pounds which got me very close to my goal weight but decided that carb cycling was not a sustainable lifestyle.

By trying all of these different “diets” I finally reached my goal weight and then I started to get very nervous.  How was I going to eat now?  How was I going to live the rest of my life and not gain any weight back.  I could continue counting calories but I wanted to be a normal person.  Normal thin people don’t count calories.  I could continue with Weight Watcher’s but tired of the meetings and the feared weekly weigh ins.  And honestly while on Weight Watchers, I felt hungry all the time.  So I have chosen a different path.

I got the book, The Calorie Myth by Jonathan Bailor.  It has changed my life and the way I look at food.  It is definitely a low carb way of eating but I am eating the foods that I love.  The basis of the book is eating Non Starchy Vegetables, protein which includes a wide variety of meats and fish. Whole fats that include REAL BUTTER, nuts, avocado’s and whole cream. Dairy includes non-fat Greek yogurt that I absolutely love.  Fruits are also included.  I got to tell you that for the past several weeks I have been loving this way of eating.

What I have found through my weight loss journey is what foods I love to eat and foods that I can live without.   I love all the foods recommended on The Calorie Myth.  I am never hungry.  I eat three meals a day that include a protein and vegetables.  I eat non-fat Greek Yogurt with a fruit for my snack.  I have found that the foods that are not included in my new way of eating, I can live without.  I can live without sugar, starch and wheat.  I love all the protein and vegetable and fats that I am eating.  I feel great and am actually starting to look pretty good.

So Weight Watchers I am sorry, I will no longer be having you in my life.  I am breaking up with you.  Thanks for all that you have given me but I am moving on to a healthier more sustainable lifestyle.

Word Choices

I have been thinking a lot lately on certain word choices.   “I WILL”.  “I CAN’T”. “I WON’T”.  So let’s think about those words.  And I will take them in reverse order.

“I WON’T”.  Now anyone that knows me knows that I am a scaredy cat.  I am afraid of many things.  You might say I am paranoid.  I fear for my safety and I fear for everyone I love’s safety.   So I take precautions ALL THE TIME.  I won’t ride my bike without a helmet.  I will not get in a car without wearing a seat belt.  I won’t bungee jump off of a cliff nor will I parachute out of an airplane.  I will not dive off of a cliff nor will I go in a hot air balloon.  I can do all of these things.  I just WON’T.

Now I CAN’T be an WNBA Basketball player.  It is not because of lack of desire – it is because I CAN’T.  I have no basketball skills nor the height.  I CAN’T be a supermodel not because I don’t want to but more because I am 5 foot 3 inches and supermodels are a bit taller and a bit younger. I CAN’T be an engineer, lawyer or doctor not because I am not smart – I am just not smart in engineering, doctor or lawyer skills.  I honestly CAN’T do any of these things not that I don’t want to.  I just CAN’T.

What drives me nuts are excuses.  I hate it at my Weight Watcher meetings when I hear someone whining about how they CAN’T stay away from cookies.  And our fearless Weight Watcher leader suggests to get the cookies out of the house.  And the whining person says “I CAN’T because my son will have a fit.  He likes my cookies”.  So really this whining person is saying she WON’T give up her cookies.  She can get rid of her cookies but she is using her son as an excuse to eat the cookies.  Can we call a spade a spade here?  You like cookies and ‘WON’T”  make any changes to help yourself not eat them.  So wouldn’t it be better just to say – I like my cookies and I WON’T change.

Another person was whining about how she could not find the time to get in exercise.  I truly understand the time crunch.   Jillian Michaels had a great come back to that excuse.  She said if you had cancer and had to go have chemo for an hour a day – you would find the time.  Why is being good to yourself and your health not as important?  So this person is saying “I WON’T” exercise.  It is not because she couldn’t.  She just chose not to.

“I WILL” is one of my favorite phrases.  I will be the best person I can be.  I will try harder.  I will finish.   I will continue my weight loss journey.  I will strive harder.  I will exercise.  I will exercise harder.  I will keep a food diary.  I will eat healthy foods.  I will drink water and green tea until I float away.  I will be good to myself. I will eat healthy foods.  I will enjoy my life.  I will be thankful for all that I have achieved.  Does it matter if I am perfect in everything?  Absolutely not!

I am still suffering from my bone spur on my achilles tendon so I CAN’T run. (Doctor’s orders).  My long walks are limited but I CAN walk on a limited basis.  But what I have been doing is lifting weights and enjoying it.  I have been bike riding and swimming.  I CAN DO THIS!  I have been eating super healthy.  I have cut all white starches and sugar out of my diet.   Have I cut them out completely?  On a very rare occasion I will eat a starch but that will not undo all the the work I have achieved.  I WILL DO THIS!  And I WON’T  give up.  This is my life long journey and I am loving this journey.


Maintenance and I Broke Up

I do not like Maintenance. She sucks!!!!  I went on vacation weighing 149 pounds and one week later I came back weighing 156 pounds.  I was enjoying my friendship with  Maintenance when I went on vacation and came back fat.  I thought I could eat like a normal person.  It did not happen.  Obviously, I did something wrong.  Maintenance did some pretty bad things to my weight,

So fast forward two weeks.  It has been two weeks since I got home from vacation and I have only lost 2 pounds. I am down to 154 pounds.  Why oh why is it so easy to gain weight and so hard to lose it.  Life is not fair.

I need to take action.  I have been sidelined with a foot injury so my activity has been limited.  I have a bone spur on my achilles tendon.  It hurts to walk and running is out of the question.  I am in physical therapy and hopefully very soon the pain will go away.  In the meantime I need to get out every day and do things that won’t hurt my foot.  I have created a picnic bench workout which takes only 20 minutes but leaves me sore and exhausted.  I can also swim and bike.  My eating the last two weeks has been spot on.  Clean eating.   But drinking wine – not so much.

I have a new weight goal.  I think weighing 145 pounds would be perfect for me right now.  So I am back to “dieting” and maintenance has been sidelined.  I will take this one day at a time. I will start logging my food and counting calories which I gave up during my short friendship with Maintenance.  Even though I am eating clean, I think measuring and weighing my food is a must.  I want to average between 1200-1500 calories a day.  I will do an activity every day.  Weight lifting, biking, swimming, picnic bench workout or kettle bells.  I will not use my lame foot as an excuse not to exercise.

And the last thing I need to change is my favorite after work activity – drinking wine.  My dear friend – Chardonnay – I must break up our relationship for now.   Hopefully, very soon I will be able to rekindle our friendship.  But just for now I have to say good bye.  I am much sadder than you about this break up.  You bring me such joy and relaxation.  But you also brought me several unwanted calories.  So I have found a new drink to relax with – diet tonic water with lime.  It is very refreshing.  And if I put it in a wine glass it tastes even better.

I am taking one day at a time.  I really want to become friends again with Maintenance.  When I reach my goal weight I will definitely have a respect for my new friend.  For right now I don’t like her.  We did not become friends our first go around.  When I reach my new goal weight I will treat Maintenance with new respect.  I will not abuse her.  I will respect her.  So Maintenance just like my glass of wine, I am breaking up my relationship with you.  I am looking forward to rekindling our friendship and I am hoping it will be soon.  And when we do rekindle our friendship I will definitely play by your rules.  You will not make me fat ever again.  I will do everything for you to become my best friend.  Because Maintenance you and I will be life time buddies.


Knowledge is Power

books wheat belly  chris powell

Ask my husband.  He will tell you how many “diet” books I have on my I-Pad and Kindle.  I am reading a “diet” book ALL THE TIME.  I wake up and head down stairs to my favorite spot on the couch with a cup of coffee and read.  I go to bed reading my latest “diet” book download.   I am a true believer that knowledge is power.

I am amazed as to how many good books are out there about weight loss and healthy living.  And it is so easy with my I-Pad and Kindle to browse the “store”, download a sample and if I like the book – purchase it.  It is so much easier to download a book than go to the library (which I never do) or go to the book store to find out that the book I wanted is either not in stock or sold out.

I love my “diet” books.  I refer to them all the time.  Every book has a slightly different outlook on “dieting”.  A lot of the books all say the same thing – but just in a slightly different way.  It can get confusing.  Should I carb cycle with Chris Powell or eat nothing but lean meats and vegetables like the cave men with “The Paleo Coach”?  “150 Pound Gone Forever” is a delightful book of a women’s weight loss journey based on Fat Percentage.  She lost her weight by measuring her fat intake which was no more than 30% of her total calories.  Then there is “The Calorie Myth” that swears fat is good for you and quit counting calories.  It is grains that are bad for you.  “Wheat Belly”  also states that grains will make you sick and give you a fat stomach.  Stop – let me get off the spinning wheel.  Who am I to believe?  Which plan am I to follow?

With every book I read, I learn something new.  Yes it can and does get confusing.  But I get bored very easily.  So it is actually pleasurable for me to see what theories are out there for weight loss.  I do try new things.  I am really tired of not eating fat.  And limiting my fat intake to 2 teaspoons of olive oil a day with Weight Watchers is getting quite boring.  I hate fat free cheese.  It tastes like cardboard.  So when I read Jonathan Bailor’s book “The Calorie Myth”, I was elated to learn that fats are good for you.  And fats are not the culprit for making us fat.  But you just have to learn what are good fats and what are bad fats.

My weight loss is a lifetime journey.  I will be doing this for the rest of my life.  I don’t think I will ever be someone who just never thinks about her weight or never thinks about what she eats.  I think about my weight and what goes in my mouth ALL DAY LONG.   And if I am going to keep the 64 pounds off that has taken me years to lose, I have to be in control of my mind and my behaviors.  And the knowledge that I have learned from my beloved books will always help me do this.




I wanted to give a shout out to a friend of mine that has lost a ton of weight.  Pam Bredenkamp has been on her weight loss journey for two years.  She chose to do the Take Shape for Life approach with Medifast and has been a great inspiration to me and my weight loss journey.  I had a great conversation with Pam a few weeks ago and I wanted to share her weight loss approach.

Pam has lost 220 pounds and is doing amazing and looks absolutely fabulous.  She has become a Take Shape for Life Coach and is a true inspiration.  At our meeting, she explained the program how she would eat 5 Medifast meals and 1 lean and green meal per day.  She said it was the easiest thing she has ever done.  She said with Medifast there was never any question as to what to eat for the day.  It was mindless.  She had her meals at her fingertips.  They are easy to prepare.  The food is tasty.  And she found the program to be sustainable.  I met with her for lunch on several occasions and she would have her lean and green meal which included a lean meat and vegetables.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 7.31.32 AM

She gave me a packet of information that outlined the program.  I found the program not to be too expensive for what you got.  When you think about your weekly grocery bill and daily eating out, Medifast is actually a bargain.

I also found that Medifast has a great web site.  It navigates very easily and is very informative.  I also love how the program Take Shape for Life is a complete program helping you lead a healthier lifestyle.  Medifast does not just have you buy their products and leave you alone.  You get a health coach that has gone through the process and helps you every step of the way.  I want to share Pam’s website with you pamb.tsfl.com/explore.   If anyone is looking for a weight loss program and wants someone who is kind, nice, funny, genuine and honest to be your coach, please check Pam’s site out.  She will help you out every step of the way.

I also found the book that Medifast endorses “Optimal Health” by Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen is the best weight loss book I have ever read.  And I guarantee you that I have a full library of weight loss books.  I encourage every one to read this book.  Dr. Wayne incorporates four components of Optimal Health and weight loss.   Healthy Eating, Healthy Motion, Healthy Sleep and Healthy Mind.  Optimal health is not just about weigh loss.  It is all about leading a healthy lifestyle.

I have another friend, Lisa Stephenson, who just became a Health Coach.  She has been a life time Weight Watcher and has maintained her weight most of her life.  She chose to lose over 10 pounds with Medifast.  She looks and feels great.  Check out Lisa’s Take Shape for Life web site, I will share it with you. Lisa also shares so much on her Facebook page where you can connect with her.

I am really proud of these two women.  It really does not matter what weight loss program you use.  What one needs to decide is what one needs to to do to get healthy.  Medifast may or may not be for you.  Weight Watchers may or may not be for you.  My suggestion is do your research, choose to be healthy and find a program that is sustainable and fits into your lifestyle.




I’m a Winner

photo 3

I sure did come in first place in my age group again this week.  I ran a 5k with my daughter and 8 year old grandson.  It was the Geggie 5k held in Eureka, MO.  This was a fundraiser for the school.  Now before you start congratulating me, there were not that many runners in my age group.  But I came in first and took 2 full minutes off of my time.

So does it really matter that I got a trophy?  (Which is proudly being displayed on my dresser.)  No it does not matter.  What matters is that – #1, I decided to run this race.  And #2,  I finished the race.  What happens in the mean time really does not matter.  What was really important to me was that I got to spend quality time with my grandson who finished the race and never stopped running and my daughter who did the same.  They both came in several minutes before me.  And my husband was at the finish line cheering me on.  These are moments that I will always cherish.

I’m a winner not because of the trophy.  I’m a winner because I finished the race.  I was determined to keep a good pace and not slow down, especially for that last mile which was quite hilly.  I stated thinking about two special people that physically could not race.  One was my grandson who for a year has been side lined from football and basketball because of a devastating injury.  I was thinking about how awful he felt during this past year not being able to participate in his beloved sports.  The other person I was thinking about was a high school athlete, Taylor, who is not only beautiful but a determined young woman.  She has played sports all her life with scoliosis.  She had surgery last week to correct it and will be sidelined for quite a while.  Thinking about these two young people that last mile, motivated me to continue a pace and finish this race.  They were sidelined.  I was not.

Yes, I’m a winner. I did it.  I will continue to do it.  Trophy’s or not.


Vemma Bode

Back in October I purchased Chris Powell’s two books adding to my weight loss book library.  I love Chris Powell.  I love his show Extreme Makeover.  I am so amazed as to how he transforms the morbidly obese into healthy people.  He seems like such a nice person.  He seems genuine.  I went onto his web site.  It has a wealth of information about carb cycling.  Low carb for 2 days – 1 high carb day – 2 low carb days – 1 high carb day – and guilt free Sunday.  (Notice it is guilt free not a cheat day).

On January 1st, I weighed 157.7.  On Monday April 7th I weighed 156.9.  That is not a great weight loss for three full months.  Through the months I did get down to 153.1 for a nano second. But my weight has been fluctuating for three full months.  Down a pound, up a pound.  Down two pounds up one pound.  Etc. Etc. And I was getting very discouraged.  My husband even said “you might want to look into doing something else”.  I thought long and hard about how I wanted to continue my weight loss.  I could take a break and maintain my weight.  But I did not want to do that because I really want to lose more.  I could continue on the very slow but steady pace I am on but that was getting very frustrating for me.  I could rev up my exercise.  Which I did do.  I am back to running 3 miles a day.  And doing a boot camp on two days.

So last Monday I made a decision.  I am friends with Chris Powell on Facebook and love his web site.  I am also friends with Heidi Powell and have fallen in love with her posts on Instagram and Facebook.  So I searched the web which brought me to the Vemma Bode web site.  I did the research and felt this program made sense to me and it was sustainable.  I purchased the Turbo pack which includes Protein Powder, Bode Burn (a protein drink) and colon cleanse.


I have to say I have been loving this program.  I wake up each morning and absolutely love the protein shake.  It is by far the best on the market.  And I have tried many protein shakes.  I enjoy the Bode Burn every afternoon for a quick pick me up.  The jury is definitely out on the colon cleanse.  I will save that for my next blog.  I also am eating my regular foods that I love.  Lean meats, vegetables, greek yogurt, fruit and healthy fats.

I have decided to commit to this program for four weeks.  I can do anything for four weeks.  So far for my first week on Chris Powell’s Vemma Bode program I have lost two pounds.  I am at my lowest weight at 152.9 (besides the 153.1 nano second a month ago).  I feel great and have a ton of energy.  I am enjoying eating real healthy foods.  So for the next four weeks Vemma Bode, Chris and Heidi Powell will be my weight loss partners.



Baby Steps


On my Weight Watcher journey I have lost very slowly but very steadily.  In 19 months I have lost 45 pounds which averages out to .592 pounds per week.   I still have 5 more pounds until I reach my Weight Watcher goal.  I have been at this weight for several weeks.  I may be at the ultimate and loathsome plateau.  But I am not a quitter.  I am a fighter.  I really want to lose more weight.  Baby steps.

The baby steps and the slow weight loss can be discouraging.  None of my clothes fit me.  They are all too big.  This is a great problem to have.  I really do not want to invest in new clothes until I hit my ultimate goal.  I went shopping the other day and again got so overwhelmed with all the choices that I walked out of the store.  In my plumper days things were so easy.  I had one style. Frumpy.  I went into a store, tried one item on, and if it fit, I purchased three of the same items – just in different colors.

Back to what I really wanted to share with you today.   I am still counting calories.  I keep within 1200 calories per day.  And on some days I go up to 1600 calories a day.  I have stepped up my cardio.  This past week I ran 3 plus miles on 5 days and walked 3 miles one day.  But I have decided that I needed to shake things up a bit.   I am trying something new.  I am excited about my new weight loss journey.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog.