I am a forever Weight Watcher struggling to find a healthy lifestyle.  For 61 years (almost 62) I have struggled with my weight.  Pants Fallin Down is my journey (and a journey it is) of my success’, struggles and tribulations with my weight loss journey.

I am 61 (almost 62) years old, married to John (my college sweetheart) for 40 years.  I am a mother of 4 amazing adult children.  And the proudest grandmother of 3 wonderful grandchildren.

My day time job is a photographer.  Our company that my husband and I own is Nordmann Photography. We specialize in high school senior photography and families. We are in our 20th year of business.

A bit about how I came to name my blog.  I researched other blogs and how they were named. I started a blog on Weight Watcher’s site “Not Getting Older – Just Getting Better”.  I was not sold on that.  Then I noticed that there were very few older bloggers.  So I struggled with finding a title about my age and weight loss.  But I couldn’t come up with anything.  Then it hit me.

I had a pair of pajamas that I totally loved.  They were so frayed and stained but fit so comfortably.  After I have lost around 25 pounds, I was going down stairs to have a cup of coffee and felt my pajama bottoms falling down.  And then they were around my ankles.  I just started laughing and yelling out to my husband – “Pants Falling Down”.

Hopefully,  “Pants Fallin Down”  will be inspirational to some and funny to others.  It is very important for me to tell my story.  I am so afraid of going back to my fat self.  But with the help of my readers and my hard work to become healthier, I am determined to keep those pants on the ground.

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