Sam’s Club

I am not a great shopper.  I really do not like to shop at all.  But there is something about Sam’s Club I like.  I actually enjoy shopping at Sam’s Club.  There is so much to see and buy.  You can buy absolutely everything you want or need at this massive warehouse.  As long as you need a huge quantity of food or items you are good to go.

Sunday is usually our food shopping day.  Usually, John and I go together.  But today he was busy with bills, laundry and football.  I also new that I wanted to wander around Sam’s.  I needed a winter wool coat.  I had a client come in the other day and I loved the coat she was wearing.  She told me she got hers at  Sam’s Club.  And John has a very low tolerance for shopping.  He is a get what you came for kind of guy and not let’s look around type of person.  So today I went food shopping by myself and really enjoyed it.

When I arrived at Sam’s Club, I went straight to the clothing section and found the coat I was looking for.  Since I have around 20 more pounds to lose I did not want to make a huge investment in a wool coat.  So I found the exact same coat as my client and it only cost me $50.  If it lasts one season (because I am hoping next season it will be too big on me) it will definitely be a good buy.

And then I started my food shopping.  Did you know that you can wander through Sam’s and get a full meal for free?  There were so many vendors handing out their goodies to any hand that reached towards them.  I had to laugh because in my larger days, I loved eating at Sam’s.  I would go to every vendor and try every delicacy.  I always went to Sam’s hungry and always left very full.  Sam’s was always my favorite shopping adventure.

Several years ago when all the kids were still at home, I used to buy everything in bulk at Sams.  I always bought the huge chocolate chip cookies combined with macadamia nut and white chocolate chips cookies.  The kids and John would eat the chocolate chip cookies and I would eat ALL the macadamia nut ones.  I used to buy the huge box of tortilla chips and the huge jar of salsa.  Salsa always kept things healthy.  I wanted to make sure that there was always something to snack  on at our house.  We loaded up the cart with frozen pizzas, huge boxes of Cheezits and various huge bags of snacks.  I remember the huge bag of pretzels.  It had to be at least 10 pounds of pretzels.  And you do know that pretzels are a health food!  The kids and I loved the buffalo wings – never for dinner – just a snack.  For years I always bought the large Turtle Cheesecake for our Christmas Eve dessert.  We always stocked that large bag of Gardetto snacks.  They were fat free.  So of course they were healthy.  The bagels at Sam’s were huge and one bagel probably could feed 3 people.  I devoured each one with a ton of the 10 pound brick of cream cheese I purchased.  The 1 pound blueberry muffins were to die for.  And who could eat just one.  And then we would get into the car and open up a box or a bag of snacks and enjoy our ride home.

But what I bought today was so totally different than what I used to purchase. I wish I had taken a picture of my cart today.  I had lean turkey breasts, tossed salad, grapes, apples, limes, clementines, Greek yogurt, bananas, olive oil and grape tomatoes.  I love stocking up on fresh fruits and vegetables.

I actually was hungry during my whole time shopping at Sams but successfully walked past every vendor.  I honestly did not even look at what they were serving.  I just knew that I would not be tasting anything.  I felt great that I was one of the thinner shoppers at Sams.  And when I was looking for clothes I was looking for a medium and a size 12.  Not a 2XL that I used to wear.  That was a great feeling.

So Sam’s Club I have figured you out.  I will always shop at your warehouse. But I will not succumb to my past habits.  Old habits die hard.  But thankfully, eating my way through Sam’s club habit is gone forever.

2 thoughts on “Sam’s Club

  1. Honestly Lisa, I never noticed that you had consumed so much food. Yesterday I read in – not the NYT but in the Tribune – that carbs increases serotonin levels, the neurotransmitter responsible for happy feelings. Suggestions for substitutes? Wine does not apply.

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