Weekly Roundup

I had a crazy busy week. So I am late in posting my weekly roundup. I was busy tying up loose ends at work to prepare for my trip to Evanston, Illinois to visit my sister. My tiny, tiny sister. And why was she not blessed with the fat gene?

But back to my weekly roundup.

Weekly weight loss ~ 0.4 pounds.
Tuesday Points ~ 24 points / Exercise – Day of Rest
Wednesday ~ 27 points / Exercise – Jillian Michaels 20 minute workout
Thursday ~ 24. Points / Exercise – Ran 4 miles
Friday ~ 21 points / Exercise – Ran 1.84 miles
Saturday – 39 points / Exercise – Walking – 4 miles
Sunday – 25 points / Exercise – Ran 6 miles
Monday – 24 points / Exercise – Walking 4.2 miles

My eating was very good and I did quite a bit of cardio. And I was happy with the 0.4 weight loss. I wish it had been more but remember, I am the turtle that will win the race.

My goal this week is to maintain my weight. I am visiting with my sister and brother-in- law that are great cooks. They are very healthy eaters so we are eating healthy. I have enjoyed some very good dark chocolate. One very small piece – two nights in a row. And it was delicious.

To be continued….

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