Where does one’s inspiration come from?  I get mine from many sources.  The internet has a wealth of info on weight loss and staying inspired.  Just google weight loss and pages of info will come up.  One can spend weeks reading all of the info out there.  There are apps for every type of exercise and weight loss program.  I have so many that I have filled up my smart phone.  But for today I want to talk about one person who just by example has inspired me to get physically fit.

My grandson Cameron.  He is the light of my life.  He is 15 years old and a tremendous athlete.  He has a natural ability and excels in basketball and football.  But he has had several injuries that have sidelined him.  He has had 2 knee surgeries that put him out of sports for 12 weeks.   He is now recuperating from a major operation for a condition called osteochondritis dissecans.  I can not pronounce it.  So for short it is called OCD of the knee.  The blood supply was not getting to the tip of the femur and his bone was breaking off.   He had to have a cadaver bone  replace the missing bone.  Long story short – he had the operation in August and will be back on the basketball court in April.  It is a 10 month recovery.

What I have seen in him is never giving up.  After all of his surgeries he always fought his way back to become a better athlete.  This last surgery almost derailed him.  But he is fighting to come back.  And I am so looking forward to watching him play the sport I love to watch, basketball.

When I am running (remember I am in training to run the 6 mile Turkey Day run) and I feel I can not go any further I think about Cameron.  I imagine he is right next to me running and encouraging me.  I imagine that he is saying “Come on Grandma – You can do it.  Just don’t quit. Put one foot in front of the other.”  When I think about this, it calms me down and gives me energy.  And when I come to the end of my run I envision his at the finish line waving at me yelling “You did it Grandma.  You did it”.

I will accomplish this.  I will cross that finish line.  And when I accomplish this 6 mile run I will be setting another goal.  I have one in mind but I am not ready to share what it is yet.

So Cameron, thanks for being my inspiration.  I am sorry that you have had to overcome so many injuries in your young life.  You will come back bigger and stronger from this operation.  You are my inspiration!  You are my shining star.


This photo was taken 40 pounds ago. The start of my weight loss journey.  This is Cameron’s football jersey he asked me to wear to his 1st football game.  It did not fit.  And I did not wear it.

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