No Longer Livin Large

I hate shopping. I have said it before and I will say it again. I HATE SHOPPING!!!  It could be because in the past I could never find anything that fit me.  Or maybe it fit but did not look good on me. Because of this hating shopping attitude, I have no style. If something fit, I would buy three of the same pieces but in different colors.   I have the same style pants – in different colors.  My shirts are all the same style.  Just a different color.  I even have the same shoes – just in different colors.

But now that I am a slimmer person, I am finding I can wear different styles.  I can actually wear jeans. I can wear shirts that hug my body.  I can wear shirts tucked in.  But this has become very stressful for me. I have no idea what I like nor what looks good. I have nothing hanging in my closet. I have given all my larger than life clothes to Goodwill. I am starting out with a clean slate.

I have a good client of 13 years, Kathy Wunderlich ( I photograph her family every year for their holiday card). Kathy has been selling the Cabi clothing line for almost one year now.  And I have fallen in love. I love Cabi clothes. They are so comfortable. I bought 4 pieces in the spring that carried me through the summer.  And now I am buying my winter Wardrobe.

I had a Cabi party the other evening,  Cabi is a home trunk show designed by Carol Anderson.  Check out their clothing line here.  The best thing is the Consultants come to your home with the clothing line in tow.  You do not have to go to a store.  And these clothes are beautiful.  The newest thing with Cabi, you can order online.  I love it!  My favorite way to shop.

It was a very low key party with my daughter Maria, daughter in law Jackie and niece Rebecca attending.  Kathy brought the full fall line to my studio.   She has great style and knows the clothes line.  But the best thing about Kathy is that she is a very low key sales person.  But she really does not have to be pushy because the clothes sell themselves.

But wear do I start?  What do I try on first?  My fat mind was fearful that I would not fit into anything.  But Kathy guaranteed me that I would.  And she pulled out sizes that I have never seen in my whole life.  A size 10.  (I guarantee you that I am not a size 10 in regular store clothes).   Maria and Jackie were dressing me up like a Barbie doll (minus the big boobs and tiny waist).  They had me trying on things I would never think to ever wear.  Jeggins, shirts, jackets, and I am now getting overwhelmed just thinking out it.

But I needed a starting point.  So I started with pants. Now my pants have to feel comfortable. I have to be able to breath. But if I am able to breath then the legs are too big. But not with Cabi. They fit perfectly.  According to my daughter and daughter in law my jeans are too baggy. But at my age, don’t I deserve to be comfortable?  They both said that you have to lay down on your bed to zip up your pants.  Are you kidding me?  I guarantee you that I will never lay down on my bed to zip up my pants.

The best thing about having a home show with Cabi is you get 50% off of your purchase based on the sales of the show.  I was so excited when she told me that I got 6 pieces for 50% off.  I got my basics.  A pair of black knit pants, jeans, jeggins, a sweater coat and a running jacket.  I am still debating on what my 6th item should be.

And the best thing about Cabi is that I did not have to buy a large.  I actually fit into a medium. No more livin large for me.  It is now a medium world.

2 thoughts on “No Longer Livin Large

  1. The last time I was in a style quandary. transferring from art labs to college teaching I started a small style book, clipping our clothes and “looks” from magazines, cutting and pasting them in with written comments. It was fun and helped me to focus so that when I was just meandering in stores I could quickly identify what to buy. Yes, Lisa, I know that you do not meander in stores, but it could even work at in-house truck show.

  2. After I lost a lot of weight, my friends took me shopping. Their idea of fun left me in tears. Not only was I at a loss over what looked right and where to start, but I was not used to attention being put on
    me for what I had on or how I looked. I had always tried to deflect that kind of attention.

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