Garcinia Cambogia Saga Continues

I am a very impulsive person.  If I read something and it makes sense to me I will usually jump on the bandwagon and purchase it.  I do that a lot in our photography business.  If a new product comes out and I think it will work well and my customers will like it, I will invest in it.  Now I have been burned many times and have an overstock of many items.   But last Saturday morning when I was all alone on my computer, feeling fat, hearing Dr. Oz recommending Garcina Cambogia – my impulsivity got the better of me.

As you read in my last blog, I purchased the FREE trial of Garcinia Cambogia and Colon Cleanse and quickly returned them when I found out I would be charged $79 per product  if I did not return the bottles of pills within 14 days.  And I do fell really stupid.

But I have found there are other impulsive people too.  I am sure that is why companies like this one stay in business.  They throw out a hook and wait for impulsive people like me to be reeled in.  John and I were out to dinner with my son Paul and his wife Sarah to celebrate her birthday.  At the end of the dinner, I told them about my Garcinia Cambogia saga.  And Sarah blurts out that she did the exact same thing.  Now if you would meet Sarah your first thought would be – why on earth would she be purchasing a weight loss product.  She is absolutely beautiful and I think the perfect weight.  But obviously that crazy little voice in our head that says “You are not perfect” got the better of her.  And she too was on the computer and probably heard Dr. Oz say to get this product.  And she was reeled in.

The $79 charge showed up immediately on her charge card and she called and cancelled her FREE trial immediately.  They tried offering her deals to keep her money.  But Sarah is strong and she declined telling them “I am not comfortable with anything you have to offer.”  She never even got to try her FREE trial.

And then the next day I was telling my daughter about my Garcinia Cambogia ordeal.  And she shared with me that she did the same thing with Sensa.  That is that sugar like substance that you put on your food and it does something to your appetite.  Now why on earth would my daughter with the most beautiful body purchase such a thing?  She is at the perfect weight, in shape and a healthy eater.  What is it with these crazy weight loss product scams that turn us women into nonsensical people?  What is it in us that we are not accepting ourselves and turning to a quick fix?

So yesterday I went to GNC at Gravois Bluffs to see if they sold the product.  And yes they did.  And it was only $44 for 90 pills. That is almost 1/2 the price of my impulsive purchase and you do not have to pay for shipping.  And it was the real thing with no fillers.  I talked with the sales person and he was saying that this product was a great seller.  I kept asking if it worked.  And his response was “it is a great seller.”  I was tempted to buy it and try it but I resisted.

This is what I have decided.  I will save my money.  I will work out harder, count my Weight Watcher points and count my calories.  The next time I am so impulsive, I will wait 24 hours before jumping on the band wagon.

And with the money I saved on those silly little pills I bought a new pair of size 14 jeans, 3 size medium shirts and a new pair of running shoes. .  I will soon be in a size 12 jeans.  But only because of hard work and dedication to my weight loss journey.  Not because of a silly weight loss pill.

2 thoughts on “Garcinia Cambogia Saga Continues

  1. Yes, Lisa I think most of us have getting burned by one of those highly persuasive ads. They make it sound so risk-free, but as you mentioned, they also make it nearly impossible to cancel and get your money back! I’m glad to hear that you did and spent it on clothes for your new, fit self. Let me know if you ever want to sign up for a 5k with me. I just started and love to have running buddies. My run is more of a walk, run, walk, run, but I’m being optimistic! I’m doing the Run 4 Webster this Saturday if you’re interested. It’s 4 miles, but a fairly easy route. Go to for more info and this is NOT one of those magic weight loss sites 🙂

  2. I tried that product too but got it way cheaper and it did nothing. I am no longer falling for that fad crap. I think Dr. Oz is full of it. He’s always promoting these fad weight loss gimmicks. It’s all bullshit. Any doctor without sponsers doesn’t shove this crap at us.

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