Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

Shopping, shopping, shopping. I hate it. I hate going into clothing stores. I go into panic mode. It happens every time I walk into a store. I walk in with great intentions. I know what I need. And then it hits me. I see rack after rack of clothes. Shirts, shorts, skirts, dresses, jackets, jeans, and I am hyperventilating right now just thinking about it.

And what size am I? I know I do not need to go into plus sizes anymore. Which is exciting. But sizes vary. A size 14 in one line has different measurements than another line. That means I have to try on every item. Ugh!!! This summer I bought 2 shirts that were exactly the same but different colors. I tried one on and purchased a second one in a different color. Guess what? When I went to wear the 2nd one it was too big. It was the same size as the one I tried on. Go figure.

When I was a plus size the selections were fewer. I new what I liked and if the item fit I would buy the same item in three different colors. But now that I do not need plus sizes the selections are overwhelming. And then the problem comes up. I am not at my goal weight yet. So when I try something on and it fits, the first thought that comes into my mind is “it is silly to buy this now when it will be too big for me in a few months”. So back on the rack it goes and I go home with nothing.

Another problem I have is that my waist is so much larger than the rest of me. As I have aged my fat cells have decided they like to settle in right at my waist. They do not like the rest of my body. Especially my legs. As a young woman (ages ago) my hips and thighs were my problem spots. Now it is my waist. How did that happen? My doctor told me it was hormones. Basically it is old hormones that have become best friends with my waist.

So when I go shopping I have to find an item with a big waist. And that is a challenge. If the waist fits, the legs are too big. If the legs fit I can’t zip up the pants. When I was a plus size I fixed the problem by wearing sweat suits. I had one in every color. And they were soooooo comfortable. But now I don’t want to wear sweat suits. I want to wear skinny jeans with boots. But the skinny jeans go on perfectly until the zipper and button and then I zip up and button up and then I can not breathe. Breathing is definitely over rated.

Which brings me back to my dilemma. I have to go shopping. And I hate shopping.
So I came up with a plan. I am going to go to just one store. I will give myself one hour. I will go to purchase one item only. Problem solved!

But what store should I go to???

One thought on “Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

  1. Lisa, oh the stomach thing! What is with that? When I was not at goal weight I shopped at the Scholar Shop. I would drop off old clothes and be able to find some very nice things that I knew would get me to my next major size shift. I love what they stand for also. Love ya, Mar

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