Vacation Dieting

We just got home from the best vacation ever. We went to Evanston, IL for a full week visiting family. We also spent 3 days in Michigan for a family wedding. But I digress.

My total weight loss for this past year on Weight Watchers has been 39 pounds (on my scale and 36 on the Weight Watcher scale). I was almost perfect with tracking every day and keeping within my 26 points. I exercised most days (mainly walking) and not too often did I eat my extra points (49 for the week and then you could tap into your exercise points, which I never did). I was not the “Biggest Loser” by any stretch. But I was consistent with small weight losses every week. I have decided that my weight loss is the result of a healthier life style. This is NOT a diet. This is my new life.

Back to the vacation and wedding.

I did not track my points for 11 days while on vacation. I took a vacation from my new lifestyle. I ate foods that I have not eaten in a year – and enjoyed every morsel. At the wedding I enjoyed delicious appetizer bruschetta thingies. I ate the best dinner and licked my plate. And had 3 delicious glasses of wine. I took a nose dive into the dessert tray. I have never eaten such delectable morsels of sweetness before. And I am not a dessert eater. But the small little cakes were absolutely delicious and irresistible.

I ate home cooked potato chips from my nephew’s deli – Rollin to Go – and had the best Portabella sandwich that I get every time I go there – once a year. It had big fat mushrooms with a sauce that would dribble down your chin. This mound of goodness was layered between crusty Ciabatta bread.

We went out to dinner and had Mexican, Cajun and Italian. I had chips with salsa and bread with butter. I had rice and it was very white. I ate pizza. We went to the movies and yes I had popcorn. And I drank wine every night.

But I did walk my 10,000 steps plus every day. I walked to the beach and all around Northwestern’s campus. We went into downtown Chicago via the Metra and walked to the Art Museum bringing in over 20,000 steps. I walked all over Evanston which was more fun than exercise. I was a walking machine and loved every minute of it.

And now I have to face the scale………I just did and I think my scale is broken. The first time I got on I gained 1.2 pounds. I did not think that was right and I got on again. I gained 2.4 pounds. I got off and on a 3rd time and I gained 1.2 pounds. I could do that all day. So I will average it out and I gained 1.8 pounds. Not bad for all the eating I did.

Today starts the beginning of my 2nd year enjoying a healthier lifestyle.

To be continued….

One thought on “Vacation Dieting

  1. Vacations are so awesome but can be such a killer. Congrats to you for preplanning, wanting to enjoy what your trip had to offer but not suffer for it! When I track each year it is ALWAYS vacations where those few extra pounds appear. Let’ go get ’em! I share your same great theory. And why wouldn’t walking around all our old favorite haunts be wonderful;-) Love, M

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