My Fat Upbringing

Today is a very exciting day for me.  This is my first official blog for my weight loss journey.  So to start off, I will tell you about myself.  I am 100% Italian and grew up in the typical Italian family that food was everything.  My father owned an Italian restaurant – Michelini’s – in Evanston, Illinois.  His specialty dishes were Italian Beef and Italian Sausage sandwiches on the best Italian bread.  And always with a side of heaping french fries.   Michelini’s had the best Spaghetti, Lasagna, Steaks and to die for Fried Chicken.  Friday’s special (I was raised Catholic) included Fried Shrimp that were huge and came with a side of fries and creamy thick tartar sauce.

The deserts were even better.  They had a chocolate cake that was thick with a delicious creamy frosting and was only complete with a huge scoop of French Vanilla Ice Cream.  My other favorite dessert was his famous Rice Pudding.  Which on many occasions I dove head first into a freshly made batch.  And the bread was to die for.  I could sit and eat a whole loaf of bread dipped in soft creamy butter.

So I guess you can blame my parents for making me fat.  But they themselves were not heavy.  My father had a small poochy stomach but he was also very short.  I think on his tallest day he might have been 5 foot.  My mom was a couple of inches taller at 5 foot 2 inches and may have weighed at her heaviest 114 pounds.  Go figure.

I was always chubby.  I wore Chubbettes as a young girl.  And then at some point (after many chants from the mean kids “Fatty fatty two by four” and you know the rest of the chant), I figured I was not a normal kid.  I was a fat kid.  Not excessively fat.   But I was fatter than my classmates.  And maybe I should do something about it.

And the crash dieting started when I was in 4th grade.  Metracal (nasty cookies that replaced a meal), eggs only, starvation, 1000 calories, no bread, no pasta, lots of fruit and vegetables, no desserts, and I kept growing.

In high school, I discovered Weight Watchers and got down to 134 pounds.  At my heaviest, I weighed 148 pounds.  I wore a size 16 at my heaviest and at my thinest a size 12.  And then I went off to college and gained the freshmen 15 but still maintained my weight around 145.  And then I got married (weighing 148) and then back to Weight Watchers after our 1st child (Maria) was born.  I got back down to 134 and then got pregnant with Paul (the 2nd of 4 children).  I continued to grow with my next 2 children (Timothy and Kevin) and at my heaviest while being pregnant was 211 pounds. And the growing continued.

At my highest weight, I weighed 224 pounds (and I was not pregnant).  And I decided it was time to take control of my life.

To be continued….

4 thoughts on “My Fat Upbringing

  1. Lisa, I can relate! Leona and Debbie Polston were so thin! Good for you to get on track. I have complete faith in you and your program. Keep up the blog. I will be your biggest fan!

    • Thanks Karyn for taking the time to read my blog. I am into my second year of my committed journey. And Debbie and Leona AND YOU were all pretty thin! I was always jealous of the 3 of you!

  2. Lisa, Power to your girlfriend for putting yourself and your story out there. The painful route through the shame and guilt, that I also know personally, is to be able to be vulnerable. And it has great rewards, allowing us to process what we have learned and be at choice with what we do from this day forward.Your courage is going to be a shining light for others to see and follow. Can’t wait to see further posts. You loved your professional career, now you get to love yourself and see how you can flourish. And we will never NOT miss all the great food like your parents served in their lovely restaurant. Hugs. Mary

    • Thanks so much Mary for your encouragement. I am into another year of my journey. And I will succeed! The best part of what you said is “loving oneself”. I have been so busy my whole life doing for others that I finally decided it was my turn.

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